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“Recently i hurt my lower back really bad doing a tire flipping workout and then going surfing! I am 36 years old surf almost every day and workout a lot too, so when i had an injury where i could barely crawl to the bathroom and have to go on a surf trip in about a week it was time to do something. i actually am a dentist but have worked in the personal training field in the past and majored in exercise science, so had a good idea that it was time to be seen by an expert.  Dr. Richard Hedrick came highly recommended to me.  When i first met him i was very impressed at his ability to pick out what was wrong and how he was gonna help me correct it and most importantly how he gave me tips to prevent this from happening again.  Best off he is a surfer and understands the importance of being in the water and the movements we do.  The treatments he gave me were amazing!!! I felt way better after every appointment and all the tips he gave me to do at home were amazing.  As a dentist i can spot a doc that only wants money and does not really care about the patients!  Dr. Hedrick is the opposite of that he really cares, spends the time to talk to you, and most importantly knows his stuff.  A caring professional is hard to find.  Highly recommended!!!!!”

Richard S.


“Dr. Hedrick has magic hands! Before meeting Dr. Hedrick I was seen many times by another Chiropractor and Orthopedist due to back and neck pain from a car accident.  I had so much pain and felt like no one can help me.  I almost swore off Chiropractors after failed results from a previous Dr… but I’m so happy I was referred to Dr. Hedrick.  He is so passionate about making people feel better and getting results. Within ONE visit I felt so much better.  I will continue to recommend him HIGHLY and encourage anyone that wants to feel less pain should run to see him.”

Kelly H.


“Rich Hedrick is amazing! I am a hairstylist, always on my feet and stuck in awkward standing positions sometimes for several hours a day. finally the nonsense had caught up with me and at the mere age of 21 I felt as though I was 85. Walking around half bent over because standing up straight hurt. Breathing hurt. turning hurt! everything hurt! I also have to add that i’ve always had a major fear of my neck/back breaking via falling or doing somersaults, and even chiropractors scare me. BUT, Rich gave me his card a while ago, and he is very easy going, positive, and  just  the absolute nicest guy, and not at all scary so I called! He was able to figure out where I needed to be adjusted, gave me a few pointers to keep me in check on a daily basis, and even did this electrical heat stuff which felt amazing. Since that visit, my back has reverted back to being 21 instead of 85 and i have never felt better. I recommend him to everyone!”

Rhylie C.


“I was amazed at how good I felt after Dr. Hedrick adjusted my back. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was a little bit skeptical about whether it would really help. I have pain and stiffness in my back from sitting at a computer all day, and he made all of that go away! I’m a believer and I will definitely be back.

I also recently discovered his blog, which is full of great information about natural ways to stay healthy. I just learned a ton about turmeric- so interesting! http://www.sandiegospine…

Clare P.


“I have been to many chiropractors and can say without a doubt that Richard Hedrick is the best I have ever had. Richard was able to proficiently and professionally diagnose what my specific needs were before he began work; and targeted trouble areas in my back while informing me of exactly what he was doing. He was friendly, competent and most importantly, open to feedback. Richard is also a surfer, and was able to understand the unique strains that a physically active life can put on a person’s spine. I can say that, without a doubt, I will never consider going anywhere else for my chiropractic needs.”

Sam H.


“I visited Dr Hedrick for the first time recently after experiencing intense foot pain after a marathon.  Dr Hedrick was kind, listened well, and his treatment and recommendations were exactly right.  Less than one week later I was able to begin running with no pain and will definitely plan to see Dr Hedrick on a regular… preventative…basis!  I would recommend him to anyone.”

Liberty H.


“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Hedrick! As a former cage fighter with ALOT of old injuries, finding a good chiropractic doctor is a must and Dr. Hedrick fits that bill. He doesn’t just go from problem to problem, but treats the person as a whole, taking into consideration how one condition sometimes feeds into the other. Anyone from fighters, former fighters/athletes, or accident victims should seriously consider him.”

Frank M.


Dr Hedrick is very nice and professional.  He helped my neck and back heal from an auto accident.  I would recommend him to anyone.

Julie Z.