At Balance Chiropractic in La Jolla we strive to heal the underlying cause of illness, not just the surface display of symptoms. Our clinic utilizes an organic approach to make wellness and health self evident. We recognize that the function of the body is subject to previous trauma, exposure to toxins, emotional imbalance, and a host of other factors that create your personal landscape of health. Chiropractic improves communication between the brain and spinal cord, facilitates proper nervous system function, enhances health, and can help you create more comfort and confidence within your body! As human beings we are constantly moving, shifting, and changing. We are dynamic, and impermanent. When our natural motion is inhibited, we experience pain and suffering. By uprooting adhesion and restriction; and by creating fluid motion, we reveal a body that works with the natural ebb and flow of life. Chiropractic is our approach to bringing symmetry and healing to the body. At Balance Chiropractic our goal is to exceed the expectations of our patients and to foster an internal environment that is conducive to a long life of joy and peace.